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Blow techniques
Image October 5, 2017 Another Way To Reach It admin

You wouldn’t use a cell phone today with mid 90’s technology.  And you would definitely laugh at the clunky quaintness of an early Walkman.The Real Fap machine is near you! So when it comes to sucking machine sex toys, why would you want to use equipment with anything but the latest technology?

If you have to rely on a masturbator or a hand-cranked blowjob simulator as your sucking machine, well, you might as well blow yourself.


You need to get with the time and avail yourself of the latest advances in sucking machine technology. The Autoblow Blast. It’s  a major leap forward in sex toy ingenuity. Unlike a do it yourself Pocket Pussy or a Fleshlight, the Autoblow does all the work for you. It’s a sucking machine that asks nothing more of you than to sit back, relax and have yourself a very superior blowjob. In fact better than the blowjob your girlfriend is giving you – on the days you can get her to give it at all!

The Autoblow has a soft silicone sleeve. Once you plunge inside its soft, inviting depths, there are rows of micro-beads that eagerly embrace your cock. Turn on the remote controller and they will ride up and down your entire cock creating the most fantastic friction. Think about it, your girlfriend doesn’t have micro-beads in her mouth, and she’s is not going to blow you whenever you feel it.  The Autoblow, on the other hand, is a purpose designed sucking machine that never says no.

Whether you like your blowjobs fast or slow, or somewhere in between, this sucking machine is your uncomplaining blowjob companion that can bring you to a rousing climax within 5 minutes of undiluted pleasure.  Sounds great, feels even better. You can order one now at www.roboticblowjob .com.

Fleshlight Videos Can Teach You New And Unique Ways To Use Your Fleshlight Male Sex Toys
Image September 6, 2017 Do It By Yourself admin

Fleshlight Videos| Are Fleshlight Videos Depictions Of Real People?| What Techniques Can You Learn?

Fleshlight Videos Show Real Guys Using The Fleshlight Toys To Pleasure Themselves

Fleshlight videos are intended to show guys that have never used a Fleshlight before how to use one in order to reach their orgasmic peaks. There are lot of things that you could learn from watching one of these videos, and following along with the guys that made them.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Fleshlight is, let me explain. A Fleshlight is a male masturbator sleeve. These toys are intended to help you get off without having to physically touch yourself. The Fleshlight toys are available in different designs and they all feature different interior textures.

The designs that are showcased on the outer surface of the toy are designed to emulate specific body parts on a female. For example, there are mouth Fleshlights, pussy Fleshlights, and anus Fleshlights. Depending on your fetish, there is a Fleshlight for everything that you want to do.

How To Use Fleshlight Videos To Your Advantage

Fleshlight videos are meant to show you different ways that you can use your Fleshlight toys. Just like the old saying goes that there is more than one way to skin a cat, well there is more than one way to use a Fleshlight too. These toys can be used in a sitting down position, a standing up position, they can be moved back and forth over the shaft of your cock, or you can lean them up against an inanimate object and pound the toy like it was a real piece of tail.

Fleshlight videos will show you exactly how to use the specific Fleshlight toys. However, in all honesty, using a Fleshlight male masturbator is not a difficult thing to do. Just place your cock into the front opening of the toy, and allow the toy to do the rest for you.

The Fleshlight toys will need to be moved manually with your hands, but as far as the sensations that you will experience, that is all found within the toy. The Fleshlight male masturbators are presently known as the world’s number one male sex toy. The toys encompass a basic design, but it’s not what is on the outside of these toys that count, its can be found along the internal surface of the toy.

Every Fleshlight male sex toy consists of a different interior skin. The interior skin of the toy is what you will feel when your cock is immersed inside of it. Some of the interior surfaces of the toys have a smooth feeling, while others contain raised nodules, and some just feel like your cock is traveling through a wide open pleasure chamber with several bumps leading you to your final destination.

Fleshlight videos kind of make me jealous in a way. Most of the videos will show average everyday guys moaning with delight, as they are stroking the Fleshlight sex toy up and down the shaft of their cocks. All of the Fleshlight videos end exactly the same. The person that is using the toy will spit his load inside of the toy and be done with it all.


Was Your First Experience With Your Prostate Stimulator Everything You Expected It To Be?
Image September 6, 2017 Another Way To Reach It admin

Prostate Stimulator| Compare The Pros And Cons of Why You Should Use One

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Using A Prostate Stimulator

In this world of choices that we all co-inhabit there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything that we do. I guess prostate stimulation can fit into this category as well. Chances are you have probably heard all of the rave about how great a prostate stimulator works. But, you will rarely run across a comparison article that dictates what some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of sexual toy are, well here you go.

Advantages of Using A Prostate Stimulator

The advantages of using a prostate stimulator are addressed all over the World Wide Web. There are tons of sex toy stores that are trying to shove the advantages of buying one of their products down the throats of consumers. I definitely don’t want to be someone that you see in the same light as those other guys, so here is just a brief breakdown of some of the advantages that you probably already know.

Using a prostate stimulator is fun. You will experience some of the most intense orgasms that you have ever had in your life when employing the use of one of these types of toys.

Using a prostate stimulator has health related benefits and personal benefits. A lot of healthcare professionals are jumping on the prostate stimulation bandwagon. Studies show that consistent stimulation of this gland will cause a release that can actually decrease your chance of being inflicted with prostate cancer.

Using a prostate stimulator can solve erectile problems. There are some guys that as they begin to age, have a difficult time getting their solider to come to full attention. By employing the use of one of these toys, you can actually eliminate a lot of your erectile problems that you have been facing.

Disadvantages of Using A Prostate Stimulator

With everything that is good in this world, there is always something that is bad about the same item. Even though I wouldn’t say that there are a lot of disadvantages that accompany using a prostate stimulator, but there are some.

Men usually purchase the wrong size prostate stimulator for prostate stimulation. Men that are unaware about what to look for when purchasing a prostate stimulator will actually purchase the wrong size stimulator because of their lack of information. A wrong sized stimulator sex toy can make prostate stimulation seem like a chore instead of a pleasurable experience.

Using a prostate stimulator may cause some internal problems, if used incorrectly. Most guys do not know how to properly use a prostate stimulator when they are given the toy. The only way to learn how to properly use the toy is to practice with it. If you shove the toy into your rectum in an aggressive manner, or move it back and forth in an aggressive manner you can cause some serious damage to your rear end.

Before using a prostate stimulator, I advise that you write down a list of advantages and disadvantages that you think the endeavor is going to have. After using the toy, cross off the things that you guessed right, and gauge for yourself what you believe the advantages and disadvantages of the experience were.

G-Spot Vibrator: How To Choose What Personally Entices You
Image September 6, 2017 Find a G-Spot admin

G-spot Vibrator| A G-spot Vibrator Comes In Many Different Shapes and Sizes| Choose What Feels Good To You

My Guide To Choosing A G-spot Vibrator

Considering that I am a lady that loves to be sexually satisfied, I decided to make my own guide about how to find, use and pick out the best g-spot vibrator that you possibly can. I’m pretty sure that you have already heard your friends discussing the incredible orgasms that they had when using one of these hand held devices. But, if you’re a girl that has never taken a ride on the wild side, allow me to be your guide.

First of all, the basics, a g-spot vibrator is used to stimulate the female g-spot. The female g-spot is located inside of the vagina, and can be located along the interior upper wall of this body part. The female g-spot is what is responsible for allowing women to obtain multiple orgasms. The female g-spot is just one thing that females have over males.

After locating your coveted g-spot, to get yourself accustomed to using a toy to stimulate this area, I suggest letting your fingers do a little bit of walking. If you are not comfortable masturbating on your own, you can always invite a partner to join in. Trust me ladies, your guy is not going to refuse the opportunity to be able to help you obtain a stellar orgasm.

Once you have experienced a g-spot orgasm, I like to believe that you will instantly have a newfound interest in wanting to use different g-spot vibrators to give you an increased sensation when you begin spilling out cum. Being a female has its perks, and the orgasms that we experience is definitely one of them.

When searching for a g-spot vibrator, I recommend that you start off small and slowly move your way up in size. There are a lot of girls that think that they can handle a large vibrator, but end up feeling more like it’s a chore using it than a good thing. Now of course, every lady is different, so it’s important to choose a g-spot vibrator that is going to give you your fill, without being uncomfortable in the long haul.

You remember the old adage that girls used to use all of the time when they were searching for mates about size mattering, well when it comes to g-spot vibrators size is definitely a priority that you do not want to look pass. After picking out the right size g-spot vibrator, then you have one more challenge ahead of you, you will need to decide if you want the vibrator to have attachments or not.

If you are a fan of dual sensation during masturbation, I would suggest using the Rabbit Vibrator Plus. This toy is not only an incredible g-spot vibrator, but it also contains a separate attachment that is designed to vibrate against your clitoris as well; Giving you a little bit of clitoris action, accompanied by an immense amount of g-spot stimulation.

When choosing a g-spot vibrator it is important to remember that every woman is different. Chances are you already personally know what you like and how you would like to feel, so it’s important that you jump on these feelings as best you can.

A G-Spot Vibrator Can Stimulate A Ladies Internal And External G-spot
Image September 6, 2017 Find a G-Spot admin

G-spot Vibrator| How To Find The Female G-spot| Stimulating The Female G-spot With Toys

What Does A G-spot Vibrator Do?

Do the words intense mind blowing orgasms mean anything to you? If not, then you are definitely missing something in your life, and that something is a good g-spot vibrator. A g-spot vibrator can help you obtain the type of orgasms that you have only dreamed about, because it is specially tailored to stimulate your g-spot, thus sending you into a euphoric state, where bliss can be achieved.

Now, before you get carried away with a picture of yourself squirting all over the place from an explosive orgasm, there are a few things that you must know about the female g-spot and especially about the different types of g-spot vibrators that exist. Before I can get into all of that, I want to ensure that every woman is aware of where her g-spot is and how to find it, so here you go:

Where Is The Female G-Spot Located?

The female g-spot is an area that can be located inside of the anterior wall of a ladies vagina. In an attempt to locate where your g-spot is, I suggest inserting a finger inside of your vagina, and curling it upwards towards your belly button. You may feel a small bit of spongy flesh, that when touched sends a warm sensation through your body.

If you are currently experiencing this sensation, then you have correctly identified where your g-spot is. There are some women that once their g-spots are stimulated, will automatically feel like they have to urinate. If you suddenly feel this way, do not fret, this a perfectly normal sensation.

What Do G-Spot Vibrators Look Like?

The only way that you can tell if you have purchased a g-spot vibrator is to look at the shape of the toy. A g-spot vibrator will have a distinguished appearing top surface that is designed to hit your female g-spot, every time that it is used. The girth and lengths of a g-spot vibrator can differ significantly as well. In most cases, the g-spot vibrators that you will find will be roughly around five to seven inches long and measure about an inch and a half in girth.

There are a lot of g-spot vibrators that can perform different stimulating tasks at one time. For example, some toys that are being made for g-spot stimulation will have a separate attachment on them that is designed to massage a woman’s clitoris and internal g-spot at the same time. The clitoris, which is commonly compared to the male prostate gland, will give you a different orgasm altogether.

Take it from me, I have personally orgasmed from clitoral stimulation as well as internal stimulation, and to tell you the truth I actually prefer an orgasm from clitoral stimulation. The type of orgasm that you can experience when you are pinpointing a females two prime erogenous areas are out of this world. After experiencing my first ever clitoral orgasm, I have never thought about female masturbation the same. I finally found something that I can do to completely pleasure me, and no one else.