Blow techniques

Blow techniques
October 5, 2017 No Comments Another Way To Reach It admin

You wouldn’t use a cell phone today with mid 90’s technology.  And you would definitely laugh at the clunky quaintness of an early Walkman.The Real Fap machine is near you! So when it comes to sucking machine sex toys, why would you want to use equipment with anything but the latest technology?

If you have to rely on a masturbator or a hand-cranked blowjob simulator as your sucking machine, well, you might as well blow yourself.


You need to get with the time and avail yourself of the latest advances in sucking machine technology. The Autoblow Blast. It’s  a major leap forward in sex toy ingenuity. Unlike a do it yourself Pocket Pussy or a Fleshlight, the Autoblow does all the work for you. It’s a sucking machine that asks nothing more of you than to sit back, relax and have yourself a very superior blowjob. In fact better than the blowjob your girlfriend is giving you – on the days you can get her to give it at all!

The Autoblow has a soft silicone sleeve. Once you plunge inside its soft, inviting depths, there are rows of micro-beads that eagerly embrace your cock. Turn on the remote controller and they will ride up and down your entire cock creating the most fantastic friction. Think about it, your girlfriend doesn’t have micro-beads in her mouth, and she’s is not going to blow you whenever you feel it.  The Autoblow, on the other hand, is a purpose designed sucking machine that never says no.

Whether you like your blowjobs fast or slow, or somewhere in between, this sucking machine is your uncomplaining blowjob companion that can bring you to a rousing climax within 5 minutes of undiluted pleasure.  Sounds great, feels even better. You can order one now at www.roboticblowjob .com.

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